Dec. 4-6, 2017

Press Registration

PCHAlliance is offering media credentials to journalists who intend to cover the 2017 Global Digital Health Forum, which will be held December 4-6, 2017, at the JW Marriott in Washington D.C.

In order to receive a complimentary Press badge, you must register through our official conference system.

Please review the criteria below before registering. We assume applicants are either full-time journalists or journalism is the applicant’s main function at GDHF17. Journalists approved for media credentials are expected to use that access for the purpose of providing journalism on the topics of global health information technology and personal connected health and GDHF17 events. 

Please send one of the following to Mary Sheridan at for approval and press registration comp code.

Print and Newswire Reporters

  • Bylined articles relating to the health IT industry (published within the last six months) clearly showing name of publication and byline;
  • Copy of the publication's masthead from a current issue; or
  • Link to the publication's website that shows the individual's name list as part of the reporting team.
  • If bylined articles are not available, the reporter can provide:
  • An email from an editor, from the company email address, stating individual is covering Global Digital Health Forum on assignment.

Online Publications and Blogs

  • The name of the publication to which the reporter will publish during Global Digital Health Forum;
  • Evidence of current, online content (including blog posts, podcasts or videocasts) related to the health IT industry that has been published regularly over the past year;
  • A link to a current page of the online publication with name and title appearing in an editorial capacity; and
  • A recent bylined article (published within the last six months) related to the health IT industry.

Please note: Sponsored bloggers, bloggers for company pages, personal website writers, consultants who blog as a means to promote their business, designers, and copy/content editors do not qualify for press credentials. 

Broadcast Journalists and Organization Photographers

  • The name of the news organization they are supporting during Global Digital Health Forum;
  • A letter from a producer on company letterhead that states the individual is covering Global Digital Health Forum on assignment; and
  • A business card with name, editorial title and media outlet logo or the link to the broadcast outlet website with name listed as a member of the editorial team.

Freelance Reporters and Photographers

  • A letter or email from the editor or senior member of the editorial team, from the company letterhead or email address, stating reporter or photographer is covering Global Digital Health Forum on assignment for the publication;
  • Proof of regular freelance journalism activity (published within the last six months); and
  • A bylined, industry-related article from the publication published within the last six months; copy must clearly show the name of the publication and byline.

Industry Analysts

  • Bylined, recently published report related to the health IT industry that is non-contracted and publically available. Include to link to report as it appears on the organization's website.

Please allow 24 hours for approval confirmation. 

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