Dec. 4-6, 2017

Orange is one of the main operators worldwide, provides services to 263 mn customers worldwide in 29 countries for residential customers and to businesses in 220 countries and territories.  In Africa and Middle East Orange is present as a retail operator in 21 countries with 121 mn subscribers. In 2016 Orange covers on average 85% of the population in the 21 African and Middle East countries in which Orange is a mobile operator.

Orange believes in innovative win-win solutions for the countries where it is present and in co-developing these solutions in partnership with local stakeholders.

Orange believes that ICT can contribute to improve Public health care system.

The Orange strategy in Africa consists in

  •  facilitating the digital equipment of MOH
  •  developing innovative ICT solutions and services for health
  •  overcoming cultural and cognitive barriers by tailor-made solutions
  •  promoting the use of ICT for health sector 

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